STEVE STRONG President, Western Iowa, Northern and Western Minnesota, Nebraska
DAVE SAVITCH Director of Sales, Central Illinois
STEPHANIE STRONG-DAVINO Oklahoma, Texas, Eastern Iowa, Southern Indiana
WESTON WILER Michigan, Ohio
RON MANLEY Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia
ALLEN ACKLEY Northern Indiana, Northern Illinois
BOB POUND New York, New England
DYLAN WEAR Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee
Todd Foes North Western Illinois, Southern Wisconsin
COLE KISTENFEGER Salesman Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Northwest Wisconsin
Anita Thompson Western Missouri and Kansas

We’re proud of our hand-picked group of sales professionals. Their experience and knowledge in agriculture is superior.

This dedicated, hard working team at Ottawa Plant Food has an amazing combined experience of more than 170 years in the agri-industry. They are one of our finest assets and has been vital to the success for this organization. Additionally, Ottawa Plant Food services what they sell with our Certified Crop Advisors on staff who are available to answer any chemical questions your customers may have.